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"Before going to Dr. Bloom I didn't like my smile at all. I'm the type who loves to have fun but when it came to smiling, I would cover my mouth because my smile was so bad.

A family friend introduced me to Dr. Bloom. Sharon knew how afraid I was about dentists so she went with me for my first appointment. I was so afraid I think I cried more on my first visit than I did throughout my treatment, and my first visit was just a consult!

When I came back to start the teeth extractions it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Dr. Bloom was finished before I knew it.

I have never met a dentist as kind and gentle as Dr. Bloom. His entire staff I think are a great group of people:

Beverly at the front desk always made me feel important each time I spoke to her over the telephone, if I was having a problem she made sure I was seen. That meant a lot to me, and I thank her a million times over.

Melissa always assured me that everything was going to be fine, and everything was. She was there to hold my hand when I needed it, or just hand me a tissue - God knows I used lots of them. I thank them both.

Dr. Bloom, from the first time I met him I saw a kind hearted, caring, gentle and very professional dentist. Because of the good work Dr. Bloom has done on me, I don't have to cover my mouth when I smile anymore. I'm a secretary - on my job now I can smile and greet patients without feeling so bad about my smile. I have received many compliments on my wonderful smile.

Dr. Bloom - from the bottom of my heart my family and I would like to take this time to THANK YOU for my beautiful smile. "

Sincerely, Cynthia H.

Other Patients Write:

Dr. Bloom, I am happy and proud of my teeth since you worked on them. Your work meets all the professional standards. My teeth look so good, I want to smile all the time !

Sincerely, Bertha E.


I almost forgot, congratulations on the nomination, and selection to represent the community and for the service you provide for all of us. The professionalism you display in your dental practice also carries over into your staff. You guys are a cut above. The education you provide, and the representation you provide our community is unbelievable.

Every time I read one of your news letters you are always involved in advancing the profession, and educating the community. You are a Great example for all of us to follow!

I see that you are President-Elect of the Pinellas County Dental Association. I knew you are tops! Thanks for all you do, most folks
do not know how much effort it takes to have a family, a job you love and total involvement in educating and advancing the profession for the betterment of us all. Thanks for taking care of my family and I.

Scott O.

Dear Dr. Bloom and Staff,

You guys are awesome! You gave me the movie star smile I've always dreamed of having. Now I can't pass a mirror or anyone for that matter without showing my pearly whites. Thanks for being so patient with me and taking time to give me exactly what I always wanted. I feel so much better about myself and my face looks brighter and has a more youthful appearance. Again, thanks for everything and believe it or not, I look forward to my next visit because you're like family. See you soon.

Fondly, Jill L.

Dr. Bloom- I just wanted to tell you, your staff and Dr. Wygodski how much I appreciate your office. I have gone to you for quite a while, and like most people, I have had bad experiences in the past with other dentists, which is why I have been at your office so long and will stay with your office.

My son started going to Dr. Wygodski at age 3, and they have been fantastic with him. He is not afraid of the dentist at all...

Your staff is always friendly. I have never had a bad experience at your office and I'm confident I never will.

Most importantly, I never feel any pain... I have gone to you for at least 8 years (outside of a brief spell due to insurance change). I wouldn't go anywhere else now -regardless if my insurance changed. Some things are too important to risk - my confidence and peace of mind with your office are worth any monetary issues.

Thank you for the great service.
Terri L.

Another Patient Writes to other patients:

My story is that I have lost my two front teeth. The dignity that comes from being reared in a small, rural country town with strong Black parents remains intact. My terror of dentist treatment soared to paranoia because during my teens a lower molar was extracted without anesthetic.

My horror of visiting a dentist office is assuaged. I owe this to Dr. Steven Bloom.

The office staff, Beverly and Melissa, gave to me one on one consideration. Dr. Bloom gave me hope for success with further treatment to save the remaining teeth.

Dr. Bloom gave me my self-esteem. I can smile for the first time in my adult 52 years without putting my hand up to cover my mouth.

My partial is so perfect that my friends think I have porcelain veneers or sometimes they guess implants. I even forget that I'm wearing a partial.

The myths have been dispelled. I can go out to dinner and eat. My partial does not fall out of my mouth. Food tastes as good as it always has. My discomfort level with the extractions was a zero. I ate dinner the next day!

I share my story because you may need a dentist with happy patients!

Sadie R.

And she sends to us:

Dr. Bloom, Beverly and Melissa,

You all made me feel like a special human being rather than just a paying patient. My dental experiences with you have touched me on a positive level that is bigger than I can express. You treated me with care and I felt that you all were family members. I am grateful for this. From the bottom of my heart:

Thank you.
Sadie R.

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