In-Office Dental Plan

Making Dentistry More Affordable

Did you know that we now offer an in-house dental savings plan right here in our practice – for both new and existing patients?

Our Dental Health Plan is an affordable dental savings plan that allows individuals and families to keep a healthy smile with substantial savings. With a Dental Savings Plan in our office, you can take care of your whole family’s smiles at an affordable price, even if you don’t have dental insurance!

We understand that traditional dental insurance premiums can be expensive and that insurance benefits are extremely limited on most plans. Also, insurance companies only make a profit by promoting the delay or rejections of insurance claims. With no "middle man," we help you get the dentistry you need.

As a patient of our Dental Savings Plan, most of your preventive care (including cleanings, x-rays and exams) is included (100%) in our office – and you’ll also receive valuable savings on restorative care including tooth colored fillings and crowns.

Unlike other dental savings plans, our plan includes savings at select specialist offices 

including root canal treatment, oral surgery including wisdom teeth removal, and orthodontics including Invisalign!

We understand the difficulty of obtaining dental insurance for individuals and many of our patients have been asking us for help - we have been searching for the best option and we are happy to be able to offer a plan that is often better than insurance!

Because with our Dental Savings Plan there are

no deductibles, no exclusions, no claim forms… and no waiting periods!

Unlike some high-priced insurance plans, you can use all of your Dental Savings Plan benefits immediately. Best of all…there is no cap on benefits and your savings are unlimited.

Providing this new dental savings plan best meets the needs of our uninsured patients and community.   One low initial fee includes individuals or everyone in the family for an entire year.

For more information on how our plan can save YOU money on your needed dental treatment,  please give us a call at 727-384-4151 and start saving now (no waiting periods!). We are happy to provide more info with email requests too, where we can send you the details of our program, the annual fee (with reductions for each additional family member), and cost savings.

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