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October 26, 2015
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A trip to the dentist may be routine to some, but for others it may be a crisis to be solved.

Received an emergency call from a patient Sunday - Front crown (present many years before her first visit with us 10 years ago) had just broken off  :( good news - tooth had previous root canal treatment, so it didn't hurt.

The bad news - she was leaving for a long trip out of the country the next day.  I agree to squeeze her in Monday morning (today) as she's leaving in the afternoon, and will try to remedy her "cosmetic emergency." 

So after updating her information (we haven't seen her for over 4 years), we take an x-ray and confirm the crown sheared off at the gum level. Now here's where it gets tricky.  The post that was helping hold the filling that held the crown was also broken.  We didn't have enough time to make a new crown.  So I decided to refasten the same crown with a new post and hope our current state of the art bonding materials will have enough strength to hold the crown in place for the few weeks she needs it (hopefully even longer).  Of course, she will have to be careful and try not to chew directly on it.  I did also bond it to the next tooth for added security and reduced the biting pressure on it.  Fortunately her lip naturally covers the gum area too (even more than in the first picture) so it doesn't show much. 

So, in about an hours time she left with her smile restored, ready to enjoy her trip (flying just a few hours later) and will return after to continue more definitive treatment.  And this is why we enjoy doing what we do :)